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Rental Property in Hyderabad

 Hyderabad is considered to be one of the most historically significant cities in India. The capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is an important tourist attraction for decades now. The old housing pattern is however changing to give way to the multi-storey high rise buildings that have world-class standards apartments and flats. Modern homes in Hyderabad have re-defined the concept of rental property in Hyderabad that is slowly changing with the taste of the customers. Earlier the traditional homes did not have many facilities for the tenants and therefore most were forced to opt for ownership homes. But now, since the prices of homes have increased by at least 20-25 per cent in Hyderabad after the Shamshabad airport and the IT-sector in the city came into limelight. 

The capital value of homes rose drastically in Hyderabad and not everyone could afford buying a house that easily unless in the middle-income slab. The lower-income group was striving to find suitable accommodations most of the time within the city limits. As tourism is a growing sector, business travelers and families make it to Hyderabad very often and thus the commercial sector is also driven by profit and huge flow of investments. Hotels and guest houses grew in numbers just like the increase in rental accommodations in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas of Secunderabad. 

Rental market in Hyderabad

Hyderabad properties are very high on returns in investments. This is why the real estate agents and the builders are always eager to invest in the construction projects. These projects have increased the space for rental homes in Hyderabad and also the commercial office space. Several companies can lodge in a single building depending on the number of floors and the area square meter that they require. This has allowed many companies to gain grounds in Hyderabad and occupy office space on rental basis. 
The major housing projects in Hyderabad have also expanded the rental housing provisions in Hyderabad. This is why there are more residents in those apartments who either pays on monthly basis or has taken the apartment on lease. These projects are-
Oxygen City
Ashoka A-LA-Maison
Metro Heights
Sreemitra Townships Puravidha
The BPO and IT segment has also influenced the demand for rental property in Hyderabad and the craze is strong especially among the IT professionals and managers who are often transferred to the city. 
Nevertheless, the residential rental market in Hyderabad is always a flexible one with provision of availing both expensive and affordable ones easily. There are all kinds of homes that you will find in Hyderabad on rent. They largely include the apartments, villas, guest houses, independent homes, and penthouses. The rental rates in Hyderabad vary from Rs 3,500- Rs 25,000 in most areas. The market place of Kota is cheaper than Abids area, which besides being a posh area is also the central shopping district in Hyderabad. 
Rental value in Hyderabad
The rent rates in Hyderabad vary with their location, type of houses availed by the residents, and also the square meter.
Rental zones in Hyderabad Prices
East Hyderabad Rs 6,000 onwards
North Hyderabad Rs 5,000- Rs 20,000
Central Hyderabad Rs 7,000 onwards
Secunderabad Rs 5,000 onwards