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Rental Property in Gurgaon

The Gurgaon real estate market has gained more prominence due to the booming IT/ITES sectors in the last 10-years particularly. The sudden increase in jobs in this part of Delhi NCR led to a demand of housing complexes, commercial space, and more importantly office space and buildings. Entire Gurgaon is divided into various sectors and you will find rental property in Gurgaon easily in any of these segments. There are however sectors which are expensive than the others. If you are looking out for affordability and a flat within budget take the help of the real estate agents there, they can assist you to have one as per your requirements. 

As the demand for rental homes in Gurgaon increased, the prices also began to soar in this IT-hub. More and people flowed in Gurgaon yet the prices of ownership homes and rental properties remained high. It has been estimated by the real estate market expert that the prices of homes increased by at least 30 per cent-50 per cent even there was no takers. Another feature pointed out by them is that most professionals moving to Gurgaon found it difficult to purchase a home that was so often highly priced and so they opted to go for rented homes. The houses on rent in Gurgaon ensured that people had a comfortable living with all the facilities.

Rental market in Gurgaon

The rates of rental property in Gurgaon depend on the location of the apartment, house, or bungalow where you are willing to relocate. The homes that are situated to the IT zones and estates are not only luxurious ones but are most advantageous to the students, IT professionals working with the companies based in Gurgaon. More often it is just a walking distance for them. Such homes require you to pay not less than Rs 6,000 for single-bedroom accommodation. 2 BHK flats would be priced at Rs 16 lakhs minimum on ownership and monthly rent would be not less than Rs 9,000. Rents in Gurgaon are also as high as Rs 45,000-Rs 55,000. With limited supply of good housing facilities, the landlords manage to attract tenants who are ready to pay more.
Another, high demand segment of rental property in Gurgaon is the luxury home segment. These include penthouses, condominiums, and villas which are more often under the luxury residential projects like DLF Aralias, The Laburnum, Unitech Nirvana Country, and Central Park 1. Senior managers, retired military personnel, and white-collar job holders are the first people to opt for these accommodations even on rental basis.

Rental property value in Gurgaon

As per the statistics revealed by the real estate houses in Gurgaon, the indicative rental rates have been estimated at the range of US$ 18,600- 37,000 when the real estate market in Gurgaon is at it’s peak condition. 
The chart below gives you a approximate rental value in different localities of Gurgaon.
Rental zones in Gurgaon Value of property on rent
DLF Rs 10,000-18,000
South City Rs 12,000-Rs 16,000
Sushant Lok Rs 9,000 onwards up to RS 15,000
Sohna Road Rs 10,000 onwards
Palam Vihar Rs 7,500- Rs 8,000 is the minimum
HUDA Rs 11,000 onwards