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Real Estate Market in Noida

 Noida is one among the most posh residential and commercial center not only in the neighboring district of Delhi but also the entire nation.  The main attraction to this region is the IT sector that has established an entire township in its name where lakhs of people are residing presently. One of the sought after districts for IT professionals in the country, the real estate market in Noida is much new just the same way as the establishment itself. It is now considered as one of the largest and earliest well planned cities of Asia.


There has been a wealth of potential for all sorts of property activities here. The city has a high score in terms of modern amenities and healthy environment. The connectivity to New Delhi and Gurgaon has also made Noida the destination for business travelers and investors.  There are high-rise buildings consisting of luxury apartments and spacious independent houses available for sale or rent to cater to different requirements of home seekers. To talk off therefore, the real estate industry in Noida is an expensive one for many.


The real estate business in Noida largely consists of professionals like property dealers, builders, developers, and housing authorities who are in constant efforts to make the city a well developed one in terms of infrastructure, roads, and hotels. The industry was making fast progessing one with the constant deals on for buying, selling and renting of residential property in Noida. The Noida realty on commercial and residential aspects is complementary to each other. At present, there is much speculation in the market comprising about the sale of residential properties due to the unpredicted fluctuation in the pricing structures.


Residential real estate market in Noida

The prices of homes and apartments are likely to decrease only when there is large number of housing and commercial projects on the way. This explains that the sky rocketing prices in some sense is not a good sign for city’s growth as they will make houses out of the reach of the common man hindering the growth. Whatever may be the case, the residential market is booming. You’ll be amazed to know that people residing in Delhi are actually shifting to Noida as they will find cheap and best properties. And another reason is that there’s a huge difference between Noida property prices and real estate in Delhi. Even though the prices in Noida are increasing, it has a moderate growth which is very much sustainable, than many other parts of New Delhi.


Prices of homes in Noida 

Noida has every category of houses that is divided into sectors. There are at least 120 such sectors through Noida where you will find independent homes, flats, and rental accommodations. These sectors are an important part of the real estate market in Noida.

Sectors Independent houses Rental homes/flats
11-15 Rs 45,000- Rs 2.5 lakhs Rs 10,000 onwards
17-23 Rs 55,000 – Rs 14 lakhs Rs 8,500 onwards
26-55 Rs 75,000 minimum Rs 15,000 onwards