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Real Estate Market in Jaipur

 The ‘Pink City’ as Jaipur is popularly known as is the capital of Rajasthan. Surrounded by hills, palaces, forts, and gardens, Jaipur is also the commercial and business hub. One of the most planned cities in India, the grid layout and the exquisite designed houses are an important feature of the real estate market in Jaipur. The Jaipur properties are extremely popular among NRIs and foreigners because of the heritage and legacy of the princely states. The palaces that have been developed into luxury hotels, heritage hotels, and honeymoon resorts are also an integral part of the commercial real estate in Jaipur City limits.  


The real estate resources in Jaipur are the real estate agents and property dealers. The real estate market is a vibrant one with all kinds of residential and commercial building deals for buyers, sellers, home owners, real estate professionals, and anyone investing or seeking to connect with the world of real estate in Jaipur. The careful panning and designing of properties and buildings in the city is the primary reason cited for the leaping developments in this place of culture and heritage. Real estate investments in Jaipur are therefore heavy and with good returns.


Maintaining the international standards, the Jaipur real estate is an ever growing sector along with tourism that has contributed heavily to the capital of the state of Rajasthan. There are several housing and commercial projects coming up in Jaipur and they are way different from the old ones. If you are in love with modern infrastructures you can strike a deal in such properties. Moreover, the heritage homes cost a great deal in Jaipur. Even the rental rates are high for such homes.

Areas Rental rates Ownership
East Rs 4300- 13,500 (2 BHK- 700- 2000 sq feet Rs 8 lakkhs onwards
West Rs 5500-16,000 Rs 11 lakhs onwards
North Rs 6500-15,000 Rs 10.5-Rs 35 lakhs
Suburbs Rs 2,300- Rs 6,000 -


With the boom in the real estate market in Jaipur, the state government has slashed the rates of properties in Jaipur and also offered to premium rentals for office space as most of the BPO companies are planning to set up their base here in the state.


The real estate property prices in Jaipur


Although the real estate market in Jaipur is just experiencing the first phase of developments, the property prices largely vary according to locations. Those houses that are near to the tourist places, shopping centers, and palaces, are priced higher than the others. The newer homes are cheaper that than the older homes this is because of the historic significance attached to them that places its value at the top. Commercial spaces are affordable especially if is above 1,000 square feet. Since it is not a a very densely populated city like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, finding homes and office spaces are not difficult. The table above shows the prices of homes in Jaipur.