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Low Cost Housing in Raipur

Raipur has a mixed real estate market just like Indore. It has a large industrial base. Steel plants, iron processing units, and factories are what make this place popular. A city that is carved out from the state of Madhya Pradesh is now part of Chhatisgarh. After it became the capital of Chhatisgarh, the property prices began to soar. Be it for the value or the fame, Raipur real estate became costlier than what it was in the mid 90’s. It was a major blow to many residents who wanted to buy other properties or shift to any other colonies in Raipur. But it was good news for most others as well. The real estate agents, the builders, and those investors gained huge. The capital value of property rose in the industrially prime zones. Low cost housing in Raipur soon became the talk of the town. The focus of purchasing high-priced homes finally began to shift. 
This was another moment for the real estate investors and agents. They took up the initiative to develop just what the people wanted- more low cost housing property in Raipur. There was severe shortage of homes recorded in the year 2008. When every part of India was gearing up for the cause of providing affordable homes in Raipur, the authorities too became much conscious. The first housing development scheme became operational in the Naya Raipur region. The prices of homes here were already high, but the government successfully planned low cost housing units in Naya Raipur on their acquired plots. This was a major concession for the buyers. They had to literary pay no charges for the land. The houses built on such plots came to be cheaper and affordable for even the lower-income group. There were a series of homes built under these schemes over the years.

Budget homes in Raipur

The Chhatisgarh Housing Board is a premier agency that guides the construction of low cost homes in Naya Raipur region where the population density is high. Increase in number of rental accommodations and more people willing to opt for it proves it to be reasonably priced. According to real estate report, the rise in number of low cost rental property is around 15-20 per cent every year. The existing homes are being offered on lesser rents than those apartments in the newly constructed housing projects.
Low cost housing projects in Raipur

There are 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments available in the Chhatisgarh Housing board colony in Dondekhurd near the Baloda Bazar Road. It is equipped with all modern facilities.