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Low Cost Housing in Noida

Noida has an expensive real estate market among the Indian cities. The place is mostly inhabited by the techies that are settled in Noida for professional reasons. Many are single, while several relocate along with their families to Noida. Because of the rise in property prices that is increasing almost everyday, the Noida housing market is experiencing a demand for low-cost homes in Noida. Especially the Greater Noida region has ownership property that is priced much higher. There are also several other Sectors in Noida that are considered as prime locations and properties here are costly. Relocation to Noida started as early as the 1990, when the tech-hub was at its budding state. Today, it is one of the main industrial and technology parks that are constantly booming with companies and the people. Young professionals are moving in Noida and the demand for homes is rising. 


Budget homes in Noida

The low cost housing property in India in Noida is most sought after by those people who are unable to pay a fortune on housing in Noida. They want homes that provide them modern amenities within budget. The main strategy lies in building homes that are less furnished, small in area square feet, not located in prime locations, or build with cheaper but quality materials. Another point stated by the builders is that there low cost properties in Noida are easily available in places that have cheaper land rates and capital value. When the plot of land is 1 crore, you cannot expect a flat to be priced below Rs 40 lakhs. These homes are not affordable ones. 
Demand for low cost housing units in Noida has also given rise to low-cost housing complexes in Noida that is particularly meant for the middle-income group people. In terms of housing complexes and projects, Noida is outnumbering even Gurgaon. This is mainly because of the initiative of the Greater Noida Development Authority. 
The Greater Noida authority had announced the plan of construction of around 4,000 low cost houses in Noida for the lower-income group. The flats would be priced at Rs 4- Rs 5 lakhs. They were primarily focused on the workers of the industrial township. This project intends to house a population density of 275 under the scheme.
Another plan set up by the authority was of building low-cost farmhouses in Noida. It would be operational on the banks of the Yamuna River and constructed in the pattern of those Sainik Farms in the capital city of Delhi. 

Low cost housing projects in Noida

The Jaypee Aman, Sector 151 in Noida is among the popular projects that have low cost 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments. Under new residential scheme in Noida, there is low cost housing in Noida that is supported and sponsored by the Noida authority. The housing complex is I the new sector Omicron near the village of Mathurapur and ghori Bachechera. The complex has modern facilities and is priced between Rs 12 lakhs- Rs 20 lakhs varying with the area square meter.