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Plumbing Designs


By Plumbing designs or fixtures, we generally mean the various parts of the plumbing system that have a particular use and application. The plumbing designs that you choose for your home is very crucial. Whilst getting your plumbing design organized you need to check the connections and ascertain that they are well connected. Therefore, it is essential to accordingly guide the plumbing professional who will ensure that the work is done efficiently.
Major categories of Plumbing Designs
Majority of the plumbing designs can be classified into three categories:-
  • Kitchen Fixtures
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Plumbing system Fixtures
Plumbing engineers take the responsibility of providing you with the best plumbing set up that would suit your building structure, construction and the existing facilities of sewage and drainage. Depending upon the pattern of the building the plumbing designs would be implemented. At the same time, the plumbing structure needs to get adjusted with your budget too. Therefore, when consulting a plumbing engineer it is advised that you should discuss all the important aspects with regards to plumbing designs.
Valves in Plumbing Designs
Today’s modern day plumbing designs carry the application of the Valves. These valves are generally provided to regulate the supply of water. They are on most occasions used to halt the water supply in case of any repair work that is on. These valves in the plumbing designs are devices that work towards controlling the flow of gases and fluids. Whilst some are used to monitor the rate of flow, others are merely used to stop the flow totally in order to protect from flooding and allow the progress of the repair work.
Types of Valves used in Plumbing Designs
Valves are diverse in their operations and have many types and subtypes. At the same time valves can be categorized on the basis of their function. The major types here are:-
  • Compression Valves
  • Disk Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Repairing Valves
  • Cartridge Valves
Stem or Compression type Faucet
This is described best as a two handle faucet plumbing design. The single faucet allows you to use both the options of hot and cold water supply. You can easily determine a particular stem faucet, by how it functions when you switch it off. You can understand when the rubber washer gets squeezed inside the faucet. The compression valves, carries an “O” shaped ring underneath the stem. This is susceptible to wear and tear with the passage of time.
The compression valves in plumbing designs use stems of numerous patterns and designs. But it is compulsory that all the designs use neoprene washers. The compression faucets are sensitive and are more prone to leakages. This is mostly due to the twisting patterns. This in turn wears out the rubber seal.
Ball Valve Plumbing Designs
Popularly known as the washer-less valves, they are more frequently used in kitchens in order to manage the sinks with single handles. All ball valves come with a cylinder shaped metal caps, which lies underneath the handle. The cap can be made tight as per your requirement if you locate any kind of leakage.
Cartridge Valve Plumbing Designs
They are mostly the washer less valves, operated through single handles. You can find them on the body of the faucet. When you lift the handle of the valve, its stem gets automatically raised. It is then that the valve effectively aligns with the cartridge. In order to blend cold and hot water all you need to do is twist the handle.
Disk Valve Plumbing Designs
These types of plumbing designs are frequently used in sinks with single handles in Kitchen. You can identify it through the cylinder faucet situated within.
Therefore we find enormous options and variations in Plumbing Designs these days. Whilst deciding on the plumbing designs, it is apt that we discuss and analyze it from our respective plumbing engineers for greater clarity.