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Lighting Fixtures


new age concept for lifestyle and home décor is the art of residence illumination. Going back to the yester years, before the advent of the gas mantle as well as incandescent electric lamp, it was critical to generate enough light. Now with the prevalence of the contemporary lighting fixtures the task at hand is to distribute the light aptly, keeping in mind the shade and the tone. The engineers and architects are now giving importance to both the residence and the commercial building lighting. The modern day lighting fixtures are decorative and yet functional, providing illumination in the household and other surrounding. The varied signs that they have make them decorative. Therefore making a choice for the lighting fixtures for a household is an important decision that one has to make. One should always choose the light fixture that is of optimum size and scale that caters to the individuals’ purpose and the space of the accommodation. For the customers who would require assistance and guidance on the same, a lighting designer or an architect is the one point contact person, having adequate knowledge of the lighting and its implications.
There are different options available in lighting fixtures today, namely table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers, track lighting and recessed lighting.
Functions of Lighting Fixtures
The primary functions of the lighting fixtures are illuminating indoor as well as outdoor settings. As per the standard categories there are three types of lighting, namely task, general and accent. This is similar for India as well as in the western countries.
Lamps are categorized as the light fixtures that are independent and freestanding. The subdivisions under it comprises of table lamps, desk lamps and the floor lamps. They mainly operate by being plugged into an electric channel or outlet.
Sconces are generally referred to the systems of lighting fixtures that are attached to walls. They generally operate by being plugged into an electric circuit or being wired into an already existing electrical system.
Chandeliers are the ceiling affixed light fixtures that have more than an arm. It generally branches out from one main wing that roots it to the base of the ceiling or the point of enclosure. They are rooted and wired in an electrical system that already exists. Also on most occasions they hang on a chain like a festoon from the ceiling.
Track Lighting
Track lighting fixtures are generally referred to a cluster of lights that are accumulated on a linear track or line that is installed on the ceiling itself. In a similar manner, they function whether they are plugged to an electric outlet or is wired to an existing electric set up.
Recessed Lighting
These are a cluster of lighting fixtures that are strongly embedded to the ceiling, and are operated in a similar manner as the other lighting fixtures are.
Note of Caution for Lighting Fixtures
Lighting engineers as well as architects always advise that is extremely important to decode on the correct bulb wattage for the operation of these lighting fixtures. In order to determine the maximum watt for a single fixture, one can look at the side of the socket that is used when one attaches the bulb to the ceiling or wall. The number either is engraved or is written in the form of a sticker.
Lighting fixtures today are increasing in numbers even in the average household. Since home décor now is more of an art and yet a necessity, that even the average urban individual seems to be participating in it. It is noted that the best lighted residences are those whose illumination has been estimated and planned, and the lighting fixture has been monitored as well as selected by the architect and the interior decorator. This is generally done working in a close association with the manufacturer as well. Therefore it leads to a stable and attractive lighting system in the household that ensures beauty as well safety.