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New India Assurance Company Ltd.


New India Assurance Company Ltd is one of the leading insurance groups that has its operations, offices, branches spread all over India. It also has operations in some of the western countries. The company understands the value of home and its insurance. Hence it has created a reasonable home insurance solution or plan that caters to the needs of the individual.

The home insurance package or product by New India Assurance Company Ltd is thus designed in order to cater to the insurance requirements of an average householder. This is done by blending under one policy a host of the company’s standard schemes or policies that are mostly used by householders. Any sort of discount in premium is given on the basis of the number of sections of the schemes that have been applied for in the policy by the householder.
The policy covers 10 sections that can be elucidated as follows:-
Section I - Fire & Allied Perils
The plan covers the building in totality and also the contents of the house that belongs to his/her family members who are permanently residing together. Other allied areas that are coveted can be summarized as:-
Allied Dangers/ Perils
  • Impact damage
  • Riot, Strike, Malicious or Terrorist Act
  • Fire, Lightening, Explosion of gas in domestic appliances
  • Damage caused by Aircraft
  • Flood, Inundation, Storm, Tempest, Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado or Cyclone.
  • Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes.
  • Earthquake, Fire and/or Shock, subsidence and Landslide (including Rockslide) damage
Section II - Burglary & House breaking including larceny and theft
The plan recovers the contents of the house against any loss or damages caused owing to any form of house breaking, larceny, burglary or theft.
Section III - All Risks (Jewellery & Valuables)
The plan covers any damage or loss to your valuables or jewellery that is caused due to any unforeseen attacks. This can take place whilst the valuables are kept as is or carried anywhere in India.
Section IV - Plate Glass
This section covers any damage or loss incurred to fixed plate glass within the insured area by any accidental intrusion.
Section V - Breakdown of Domestic appliances
This part of the plan takes charge and covers all damages for the domestic appliances against any sudden or unforeseen circumstances. This can be due to any mechanical or electrical breakdown.
Section VI - T.V. Set including VCP/VCR (ALL RISKS)
The scheme covers any form of damage or loss to the television set, that also includes the VCP and VCR by fire and other forms of perils. The same can take place due to the malfunctioning of any electrical or mechanical loopholes. Adding on to that, the plan also takes charge of any physical injury that is caused in the process, up to a monetary limit of Rs.25, 000.
Section VII - Pedal Cycles (All Risks)
The plan takes charge of loss or damage to pedal cycles by:-
  1. Fire & allied perils
  2. Burglary, housebreaking, theft
  3. Accidental external means
  4. Third party personal injury or Third party property damage for Rs.10,000/-
Section VII - Baggage Insurance
The plan here takes account of and covers all the damage that occurs to the insured’s accompanied baggage owing to any accident or unforeseen mishap. This can happen you are traveling within India for any trip (business or holiday).
Section IX - Personal Accident
The scheme here is designed to cover any death or physical injury through any accident or unforeseen means or attacks
Section X - Public Liability
This scheme takes charge and covers for the insured person’s legal liability for any physical injury. This is also applicable if there is a loss or damage to the holdings due to any third party activities.
The sections here provided and offered by New India Assurance Company Ltd takes into consideration the various aspects of home insurance concerns that the home owner might have in his mind. So far the company has been serving the needs of the people successfully. Taking up the home insurance scheme provided by New India Assurance Company Ltd would always be a wise decision.