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Sahara Infrastructure


Sahara Infrastructure and Housing is a real estate company under the flagship company which is the 50,000 crore Sahara India Group. It is engaged in multi-dimensional projects and has constructed mega and mini townships, houses, shopping malls, office spaces, commercial spaces, retail spaces, penthouses, and luxurious villas.
Basically, Sahara infrastructure operates in the different cities of the country. Known as one of the well known real estate developers in India, Sahara infrastructure has built more than 7000 houses. The housing projects of Sahara Infrastructure aim at offering the common man with homes that will not strain the wallet of the consumers.
Sahara Infrastructure and Housing meet rising demands of the housing market
The main reason why this real estate company is building housing projects is to meet the ever increasing demands of the consumers in the housing market. More and more people are opting for buying a house of their own instead of living in rented premises for years. This is further strengthened by the fact that home loans have become affordable.
And there is a common belief among consumers that if you are able pay off the monthly payments, it is better to pay your lender than to pay your landlord. This is because if you are making payments to the home loan lender, you will eventually own the house. The scenario is not similar in case of a tenant paying rent to the landlord.
Residential projects by Sahara Infrastructure
This real estate developer in India has built many housing projects in the country. Some of them are –
  • Amby Valley City
  • Sahara Hi- Tech City
  • Sahara City Homes etc
Commercial projects by Sahara Infrastructure
It is equally active in the commercial construction market and some of its ventures in this segment include the following –
  • Sahara Star
  • Sahara Mall
  • Sahara Hospital
  • Sahara Star etc
Building houses and also a safe environment
One of the best efforts the company has put in to make living safe and devoid of accidents, is that it includes all the necessary precautions that can avert a natural disaster in its housing projects. Simultaneously, it takes into account in all its construction projects that in no way its construction activities harm the environment.
In fact Sahara Infrastructure has received ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 Certification. It has received these accolades for effective Quality Management and Environment Management systems respectively.
The company also ensures that all its housing projects are constructed in hygienic and healthy environment. An interesting fact about the residential projects of Sahara Infrastructure is that in order to make the buildings earthquake resistant, the construction is done a level higher as compared to the seismic zone.
Taking a step further, Sahara Infrastructure has planted as many as 9000 saplings which are uniformly distributed in its Sahara City Homes residential projects.