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Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd


With the real estate market gradually looking up, the real estate developers are becoming active again. Although real estate developers operating in the market are innumerable there are very few who have been able to make a mark in this field. One such real estate developer that has earned positive publicity in the real estate market in India is Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd.
The company is an outcome of a joint venture between the West Bengal Housing Board and Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. This is a classical example of a private-public partnership in the housing market of the country.
Areas explored by Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd
Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd is an infrastructure and housing development company that operates in the eastern part of India. It is engaged in different types of projects. And some of the areas Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd has explored include the following –
  • Retail projects
  • Housing projects
  • Food court
  • Cineplex
  • Shopping Malls
  • Entertainment areas
  • Residences/villas/apartments
  • Spas
  • Clubs
  • Offices
  • Cinemas etc
Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd has worked in the commercial as well as the residential areas. It has its head office in Kolkata, West Bengal.
Projects by Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd at a glance
There are different projects that you will find under the banner of this well known realty group. They operate mainly in the following areas –
  • Realty
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
Some of the projects completed/ongoing under this banner include the following –
  • Uttorayon, Siliguri
  • Ujjwala – The Condoville (New Town)
  • Shyamolima Raichak on Ganges
  • Upohar – The Condoville (Kolkata)
  • City centre , Salt Lake
  • The Residency, City Centre (Salt Lake)
  • The FFort, Raichak on Ganges
  • City Centre (New Town)
  • Swabhumi
  • The Ffort Suites (Raichak on Ganges)
  • Ganga Kutir
  • The Conclave
  • Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership (Salt Lake)
  • Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre
  • Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering
  • Tea Junction
  • Afraa Deli, City centre (Salt Lake)
  • Afraa Creperie
  • Town Hall etc
Upcoming projects of Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd
In addition to the projects mentioned above, Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd has several different upcoming projects in different parts of the country. You are likely to see the upcoming projects in areas like Siliguri, Patna, Salt Lake, Kolkata etc.
Affordability factor has appealed immensely
The residential projects of Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd cater to the needs of all income groups and help an individual belonging to the LIG (Lower income group) to fulfill his dream of buying a house.
The affordability factor has made this private-public partnership very appealing. Similarly, people belonging to the MIG (Middle Income Group) and HIG (High Income Group) can avail houses too.
The upcoming projects are expected to take off fast as the real estate market is turning around. Moreover, the infrastructural facilities those are required to take these projects successfully to completion are present in the real estate market.
If you are planning to buy a home in one of the residential complexes that is being constructed by the Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd, don’t delay and go ahead and book your apartment/house now. Since the purchasing power of individuals is improving, the apartments, houses, villas and commercial complexes may get sold off faster than you can fathom.