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West Bengal Housing Board


West Bengal Housing Board was established in 1999 by the West Bengal government. The board was set up to take responsibilities of new projects in housing developments in the city. West Bengal Housing Board works independently on its own. The projects in which the body is involved are accessible for the sections that are economically feeble. Keeping this in mind the West Bengal Development Corporation has actively invested itself in the development of the rural sector. West Bengal Housing Board works towards the agenda to provide people with their basic requirements.
Salient Features of West Bengal Housing Board
The functions that the West Bengal Housing Board carries on can be highlighted by the following pointers:-
  • The board works actively in providing the customers with residential buildings that provide greenery while being located near to the city. Thus, delivering the best of both the worlds.
  • The residential complexes main objective is to create amicable and harmonious communities.
  • Looks to providing proper sanitation, sewage and draining systems for smooth functioning of everyday life.
  • Undertakes several housing projects to cater to a broad section of people with different priorities and requirements.
  • It doles out commercial, domestic plots or units of land holdings for residential requirements.
  • A panel of advocates decides on the objective of registration along with the stipulated fees for the LIG, MIG AND HIG groups.
  • Fees generally involve the cost of miscellaneous amenities apart from the legal costs involved.
West Bengal Housing Board – New Town Project
West Bengal Housing Board recently has launched the New Town project in West Bengal. The project covers and area expanse of 39075 hectare and works towards providing residential facilities to almost seven and half lakh people. The main features of this includes:-
  • Along with Residential complex for the LIG, HIG and MIG group, the project plans to develop commercial buildings like malls, offices and shopping centers.
  • There would be also sports and entertainment constructions.
  • There would be also developmental activities centering on highways, terminals and other allied transportation facilities.
West Bengal Housing Board Projects
West Bengal Housing Board was the pioneer in the country to develop a partnership with a private scale builder. This happened in the year 1993. The Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited was created via a joint venture between Gujarat Ambuja Cements and West Bengal Housing Board.
Since, its inception this board has drawn in numerous developers from various parts of the country to strengthen the housing development phenomenon. Five projects are in pipeline at the present moment. These projects are mainly the upshot of private-public joint ventures that West Bengal Housing Board has with other five groups. The projects are namely:-
  • Bengal Shrachi:  This joint venture has had numerous residential buildings that have been constructed. Eminent ones among them are Shrachi Abasan, Shrachi Manor and Shrachi Ushabas.
  • Bengal Ambuja: a JV project of Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited
  • Bengal DCL: A JV project of Bengal DCL Housing Development Company Limited
  • Bengal IFB: A JV partnership with IFB Agro.
  • Bengal Peerless: A JV project of Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited
Few of the future projects in which West Bengal Housing Board is involved are the following:-
  • Rajarhat – Eastern High
  • Rajarhat – Moonbeam
  • Rajarhat- Eastern Green Land Development
  • Rajarhat – Millennium Tower
West Bengal Housing Board New Projects
  • A Joint Venture housing project in cooperation with Park Chambers (PCL)
  • A Joint Venture project in cooperation with the United Credit Belani Group (UCBG)
  • A Joint Venture project in assistance with the Shelter Group.
West Bengal Housing Board, through these years of its service has been successful in maintaining and upholding the consumer’s thoughts and priorities. This has made them successful in rendering the best services possible to their consumers. The board has been consistently upgrading itself with specialized architects, planners and engineers to deliver the best.