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Karnataka Housing Board


The Housing Department in Karnataka is monitored by the Government Principal Secretary. The State Government has established the Karnataka Housing Board keeping in mind the housing needs of the people. The board therefore is engaged in working for the mass at large as well as the economically feeble section, both in the rural and urban sections. The organizations that falls under the housing department of Karnataka are:-
  • Karnataka Housing Board
  • Karnataka Slum Clearance Board
  • Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited 
  •  Karnataka Rajya Nirmana Kendra
Functions of the Karnataka Housing Board
The Karnataka Housing Board was formulated keeping in mind certain aims and objectives. Some of the functions of the boards can be explained as below:-
  • To work and plan towards providing reasonable and quality residences and housing plots, sites to the LIG. MIG, HIG of the state. This is done under the hundred housing as well as CM’ Model Town Housing agenda and other schemes.
  • To prepare and execute the policies framed by the Government to provide for about two lakh residences for the economically weak annually. The agenda is to complete a target of eleven lakh houses in a period of five years.
  • To supply with minimal and low cost technology in construction, training, materials in the construction of houses and residences across the district level.
  • To restore and recover the slum inhabitants and also to improvise their standard of life. This is done by providing them the basic amenities like roads, clear drinking water, sanitation facilities, streetlights, drains and proper sewage systems and so on.
Recent Savings and Initiatives of Karnataka Housing Board
The initiatives that are taken presently by the organization can be explained as mentioned below:-
  • Funds are made to release in the correct time and fast
  • The resources and services are delivered in a better manner. It is way more transparent and clear now than before.
  • The documents containing all details of housing programs and agenda have been standardized.
  • The establishment and building of the residences by the beneficiaries themselves are being encouraged more as a conscious attempt. The upshot is that more and more people are getting involved and participation level has increased. At the same time there are better housing facilities and greater level of contentment amidst the slum beneficiaries.
  • Savings through banks are given as a recovery mode.
  • Methods of computer and information technology are now used excessively to help in simple, fast and easy compilation of documents, processing, review, and storage and so on.
  • To help develop in establishing capacity buildings in the Gram Panchayats, by assisting the residences sponsored by the Gram Panchayats.
  • To help provide information those are relevant to public and the mass with regards to company activities and execution of the housing projects.
  • To help the occupational association or groups like hamals, weavers, tobacco workers, artisans, fisher folks, vegetable sellers and others.
Strategies adopted by the Karnataka Housing Board
There are various strategies that are taken up by the Karnataka Housing Board with regards to various levels of objectives. Some of them can be explained as below:-
Objective Level 1 – This is under the 100 assignments that have been taken up
  • To offer and take charge of projects based on the price structure of the projects, to the qualified turnkey contractors.
  • Projects reports are prepared by the professional management consultants. These reports are detailed and have all relevant inputs.
  • The turnkey contractors have been started off with a defect liability of two to five years time.
  • Identification of the trees allotted will take place and the allotment would be done before the project is completed. Each of their representatives is going to be a part of the project.
Objective Level 2 – This deals with the housing agenda for the economically deprived
  • To formulate beneficiary friendly recovery methods.
  • To motivate beneficiary construction
  • To execute programs and agenda through the already existing network of district based administration.
  • To attain a synergy level in networking of the Nirmithi Kendra’s and to center on their individual core strengths.
Objective Level 3 – This is to do with the Slum Development agendas
  • Here the board insists on the development of a need oriented action plan. This plan needs to represent apt accreditation and facts representing ground realities.
  • There is active involvement of the beneficiaries in constructing the houses, and also in the phases of regulation, loan recovery and execution.
  • Proper and vigilant supervision is done in the execution of the field level functions. This is done in order to ensure fast and quantitative results.
  • It is ensured that the list of beneficiaries is finalized before the housing projects starts to operate
Objective Level 4- This is to do with the cost effective technology agenda or programs
  • Work towards providing cost effective means of technology in the making and construction of the houses and buildings. This is applied to both the projects under private as well as government sectors.
  • To provide proper and adequate training in production and optimum utilization of cost effective technology.
  • To supply cost effective means of technology and ingredients for construction
  • To plan and take in responsibility to for providing housing for the economically weaker sections
Karnataka Housing Board Projects
At the present the Karnataka Housing Board is in the execution stage of 100 Housing Project Scheme. The Peenva Housing Project that is mostly for the employees under the State Government has proposed to make 4000 housing complexes. Other groups who are also investing implementing housing projects are the Bangalore International Convention Center, is aiming to work at a plot near the Bangalore airport, Devanahalli.
Numerous and significant housing projects and commercial complexes on a single-handed as well as joint venture basis is being proposed in districts like Mangalore, Mandya, Udupi, Gadag, Bagalkot and may more. In order to support and execute these projects and others that on the pipeline the Karnataka Housing Board is in the process of claiming and procuring the required land. The estimated township is going to be a class apart township by itself having all the civic and urban facilities.
Karnataka Housing Board – Service Quality
The Karnataka Housing Board works towards bringing greater clarity in its operations and project executions. Keeping this in mind it has opened up channels like customer relation feedback department, project as well as property management boards that would serve the requirements of the customers.
The idea is to serve the mass at large. At the same time the board works towards maintaining high standards of services and operations. All the housing projects as well as the townships would be self sufficient with all the present day amenities.
These would also include facilities like water recycling, rain water harvesting, well developed and organized parks and open spaces, tertiary treatment and other allied infrastructure for education, health and recreation. Hence, the board is working towards catering best to its target section as well as the economically weak segments.