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The lineage of carpentry in India can be traced back to the era when construction industry has just begun to develop in a more structured and systematized manner. Carpenters in India, are typically those professionals who are engaged in dealing with the aesthetic craftsmanship of wood logs and the sheets to form beautiful, basic and artistic artifacts, furniture, showpieces and other household décor as well as necessity.
Wooden furniture as an interior decoration option has now become prominent in India. It is now being perceived as a new area of interest and provisions are now being taken to promote it in India. The credit for fostering the wooden furniture and other allied patterns goes to the Indian carpenters.
Styles of Carpenters
When we speak about this classification, we broadly categorize the carpenters in five different types of carpentry job. Out of these five, two occupy greater prominence. These five categories can be elucidated as:-
Rough Carpenters
Rough Carpenters are the ones who are mostly engaged in the different kinds of work that involves structural construction work, wood roofing and framing. The particular jobs that can be associated with rough carpenters are as follows:-
  • Pre-construction work - sizing, scaffolding, bracing, and formworks preparation.
  • Making frames, partitions, floor construction, walls, insulation, roof trusses and construction.
  • Analyzing and understanding of both wood and metal structures.
  • Dealing with construction blueprints, measurement of materials required and distances, dimensions of structure which are all important for major construction projects.
  • Arranging the cutting and sizing of various wood materials, understanding the various requirements for various types of wood.
  • Analyzing the damage that carpentry can do whilst working on different types of wood.
  • Fabricate certain portions through metalworking and woodworking machines.
Finish Carpenters
They are carpenters who mostly work on the finished product of a particular wood work that is done, namely:-
  • Decking
  • Interior trimming
  • Drywall detailing
  • Intricate woodwork projects
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Remodelling
Finish carpenters are mostly on the high side of the expense, but are generally highly skilled and experts. Hence, it sums down to the fact that with a little amount of extra pay you can get quality, artistic and quality work.
Finish carpenters needs to have a sharp and keen eye for detailing and perfection. The essence of beautiful wooden furniture or a piece of décor is in its finishing and the over all look that it carries. A finish carpenter is to look into this aspect.
Other carpenter job categories include the following:-
  • Ship Carpentry – Involves shipbuilding and nautical woodwork projects.
  • Trim Carpentry – Involves ceiling trimmings, moldings and windows.
  • Cabinet Makers – Involves furniture and interior cabinets.
Carpenters in India
In India today any particular house is incomplete without wooden carpentry work. The carpenters working in India can be always hired to work on a contractual or project basis. They can be employed for designing as well as constructing wooden furniture as per your requirement. Today carpenters are involved in major interior decoration works that includes wooden house doors, cupboards, window panels, racks, cabinets, beds and the like. Even the modular kitchens that have become so prevalent in the Indian set up also requires the expert handling that carpenters today provide.
When planning to go in for an interior decoration for your house you can both arrange for the wood supply and then hire a carpenter to do the needful as per your requirement. Else you can invest in wooden furniture from a local shop.
Alternatively, you can go in for customized wooden furniture that is now available. The price of such wooden furniture depends on the type and quality of wood that is being used, and the work that is done. The greater the intricate design that requires craftsmanship of the carpenter the prices would be tagged accordingly.