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Green Homes in Kochi

 What have you done to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly? Adopting the Green technology does not mean that you need to change your lifestyle entirely. Instead you can adopt few methods that can help define modern lifestyle and ecological balance as well. The Green homes in Kochi are an excellent example of how the environmental-conscious people are making every effort to preserve the natural resources that are so essential for human lives. Even the conventional homes, though not build as per the green norms are inculcating methods that would allow them to tackle waste of water and energy resources.


Green home concept in Kochi

There are homes that are constantly banning the use of plastic bags in their homes, using compact fluorescent bulbs instead of high voltage lights, and replacing the taps and shower heads with low-flow models of nets. Drinking water wastage is being managed extremely well. Thanks to the Green Home campaign in Kochi, the city has experienced tremendous changes in house maintenance patterns in recent years. 
A great contribution also has been made by the local Municipal Corporation and private builders. They provided huge discounts, loans, and installments to the home occupiers in the initial stage. This was a huge encouragement to the Green Home buyers in Kochi. 
So, what is the next step for introducing eco-friendly green Homes in Kochi? The energy efficient homes in Kochi are already an existing truth. There are constructions and developments being taken up in phases as well. New Green Homes projects in Kochi are also underway and as many as 5-6 would be ready to be occupied beginning 2012. 
Kerala is an agriculture dependent state and there is no dearth of bamboos. This has been recently the most popular material for Green Home Building in Kochi after the concept was introduced by the Kerala State Bamboo Corporation in the year 2006; three years after the first Green Home came up in the city of Hyderabad. 
There were cottages made completely out of bamboo poles that were seen in tourist locations and homestays in Kerala. It was called the ‘Green Queens in Kochi’. These eco-friendly abodes were a concept that allowed the residents to enjoy modern lifestyle homes yet with a touch of eco-friendly accessories.  
The first house developed as part of Green Homes in Kochi had 436 square feet, including a sit-out, drawing room, kitchen, bedroom, and toilet-cum-wash basin. The total height of the structure was estimated at 428 cm. It is priced at the rate of Rs.1,200 per square feet unit. 

Major Green Home projects in Kochi

Jade Heights Tower
This has the prime location of Kakkanad, the IT hub in Cochin. It is a venture by real estate giant MIR Realtors-Green Metropolis. The project is deemed to be completed in 2011. One of the premier 32-storey buildings under construction, Jade towers would provide residents with spacious interiors, ample lighting, ventilation and fittings of the highest quality, as per the Green Home rules.
Verdant Yard
This is one among the Green Homes in Kochi that is ready to be occupied in Kakkanad. There are 3 and 4 BHK apartments and villas available at the site.