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Green Homes in Hyderabad

 As the real estate market in Hyderabad is the fastest growing sector, it is time that the Green homes concept develops effectively. The Green Homes in Hyderabad are also called the ‘Green Buildings’ in modern housing market. Pollution and populations are racking our brains in everyday life. We are facing the ill-effects of carbon dioxide being released into the air and poisoning our life. We are actually moving closer to death as we are moving away from the embrace of nature, the purity of green surroundings and the natural wonders that is still being enjoyed by the villagers in India. So what are the modern people doing? Are they not planning to implement the Green Home concept for their own dream home?



Green homes concept in Hyderabad


The depletion of natural resources, energy, and power is eventually being the cause of great mishaps. The forest cover is moving out and modern homes are prey to the nuisances of the human beings. The rectification process has however begun in the cultural city o Hyderabad where the builders and the residents are willing to take extra care to ensure that they go the green way. The foremost step taken is to save power, energy, and water, the three most important natural ingredients that are essential for human sustenance on the planet. 


The Green Buildings in Hyderabad are mostly part of the ‘Green Homes’ projects that has been initiated by the various Green Homes builders in Hyderabad. Recognizing the benefits of Green Homes in Hyderabad has been the first step towards the construction of such homes that can use solar heaters instead of installing geysers. Energy saving air conditioners, high performance glass windows, water saving solutions, composting toilets, is some of the initiatives taken for the lavish Green Homes in Hyderabad. The main propaganda for Green Homes in India is ‘Save energy, save life, go Green’. 


Green Homes project in Hyderabad


The first Green Homes apartments were built by the Green Home Landscapes which is a Real Estate Development Company incorporated in early 1998 with its first real estate development project in the city of Hyderabad.



One of the recently undertaken Green Homes projects in Hyderabad is by the SatyaVani Group of Companies, a real estate company based in Hyderabad. They laid the foundation stone for perhaps India’s biggest green home township. The project is on the Warangal Highway in Andhra Pradesh. The entire township will be built along nature friendly norms such as making provisions for the use of solar power, using material that will emit the least amount of carbon into the environment and much more. Nature lovers are going to price their home the most modern way. 


The outskirts of Bangalore are also not an exception with the Kimberly Gardens making its name in the list of Green Homes in Hyderabad. The magic of the countryside is well experienced at this hamlet. 


The Green Home now offers Airport Town in Hyderabad is a fitting tribute to the glorious heritage of the Twin cities the venture has been conceived for the new Hi-tech city at Tooprakurdh village of Ranga Reddy district.