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Green Homes in Goa

 Goa now has something more than pristine sand beaches and exotic beach resorts, the Green homes in Goa is going a long way in drawing the attention of both Goan residents and tourists. Escape to the small hamlets in downtown Goa, green infrastructure is what is all around you. A change in housing trend is capturing Goa which is largely because of the actions that are being taken up to control global warming, climate changes, other environmental hazards that are increasingly affecting human lives. If major cities and metropolitans in India have been investing in construction of Green Buildings, Goa civic authority is also not left behind. There is a sudden sprout in plans of construction of Green Technology Homes in Goa. 

Considering the fact that the awareness about the benefits of Green Homes in Goa is just up, the architects are planning more such projects in Goa. This is one of the ways to promote green residential and commercial buildings in the state. And for this reason, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII, Goa) and Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) Goa chapter have initiated a joint effort towards creating a cell in Goa to promote green buildings for housing, industries and commercial sector.

Major Green home projects in Goa

Green Park 
Located in Siolim, the Green Park is a posh residency project by the BF Homes builders, one of the leading real estate giants. It is nestled among the hillocks and quaint villages and offers excellent facilities. The complex boats of modern waste management facilities, solar heating systems, and use of solar lights even. 
White Square Nirvana
The research conducted by the Goa authorities reveal that the existing conventional homes in Goa is consuming at least 40 per cent more power every month than the Green Homes in Goa. But, in the present situation its does not seem possible to construct every property as per the Green Homes norms. This is more because of the comparatively high cost of production involved in construction of Green residential buildings in Goa. Moreover, in Goa where most of the area is occupied by the coastlines, it is likely that every contractor can afford getting building materials from nearby places and even water as stated in the Green Homes rule book in India.
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII, Goa) is also planning to make the architects and private builder’s part of this initiative more because they are more in number and have good sense of the housing market conditions. They can easily take up the charge of introducing the Green Technology in Goa and especially in the lives of the residents who are so used to the traditional concept of building homes in the ocean fringes.