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Green Homes in Bangalore

The craze for Green Homes in Bangalore caught up so well that it is observed that the existing non-green homes in many areas are lying vacant and without any tenant for months now! Bangalore is therefore one of the Hi-tech cities in India that has successfully implemented the concept of Green homes in the city and even the outskirts. Those pre-occupied properties are looking out to new horizons that are more natural in surroundings. The Green technology homes in Bangalore is the result of the efforts pinned by the real estate investors and builders who could soon figure out that construction of homes that are dependent on natural supplies are an profitable avenue. Yet, the cost of Green Homes in Bangalore is making it difficult for many to avail even as the real estate market in Bangalore is already an expensive one. The Green Bungalows in Bangalore are also fast gaining grounds as vacation homes where people prefer to move away from the hassles of city life and opt for some peaceful locations as they build their dream homes. 
Another factor that is influencing the construction of Green Buildings in Bangalore is the growing IT-sector that is focusing on energy sustenance needs and better waste management policies, and water saving projects. The Green Bungalows in Bangalore are also following the similar paths. They have ultra-luxurious settings yet amidst lush green surroundings. They have natural swimming pools, solar heaters, and mud pits for waste management. This extensive setting sets them apart from other apartments that do not follow the go-green routine. The other word for the Green homes is the eco-friendly homes that very much mean conservation at a time when the world is at the edge of deep environmental crisis like wind, water, and earth pollution. Energy conservation is the need of the hour and the best way is to opt for Green technology in construction. 
In commercial constructions also recycled products and other energy conservation process is increasingly being used so that the prices of homes are also reduced. But, often it is seen that the Green Homes projects in Bangalore are expensive. This is either because of the location or the building technology that involved many work hours. 

Top Green Homes projects in Bangalore

The Green homes projects in Bangalore have inspired builders across the city. There are many that have been successfully completed. They have been passionately designed with the motive of conservation that also gives you perennial lifestyle. 
Net City
Net City is a housing project from the Green Homes builders. It is loacted just few minutes drive from Koramangala area that has good proximity to Electronic Park I & II. The project has been planned the greenest way and it has been ensured that there is proper waste management system with roof top garden lawns. 
Samskruti Maurya Eco Village
This one is build by the Samskruti builders on a sprawling 100 acres. The property boats of parks, pools, playgrounds, and community clubs in the most natural settings. There is also land attached to plot where organic farming has been initiated.