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Green Homes in Agra

From the Mughal rule years to the present day city of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra still breathes history, culture, romance, and greenery in its every corner. The Green Homes in Agra can be a modern concept like in rest of India, but historical homes and buildings were never without the lush green charm. The Agra forts and palaces gives you the best glimpse of how nature was brought into force to work as air conditioning machines during the boiling summer months. 
There are still monument ruins that suggest that there were in-house natural springs, pools, and courtyard streams built to facilitate the movement of fresh air in the brick and stone palaces. The Taj Mahal is itself the perfect example of how the traditional architects made use of natural resources. But, in modern times, the biggest threat is pollution and heavy flow of traffics in the cities. 
This is why the hazards of global warming and climate changes are threatening our daily lives. Man has moved away from nature and became heavily dependent on artificial energy that is going to fail in no time if no proper conservation methods are adopted. Though, there is limited number of Green Buildings in Agra that are built particularly with the notion of power and water conservation, the concept has achieved success. Just like the time of our ancestors, the green scenario is making a great come back. Thanks to all the civic and private ventures that is slowly leading to construction of Green Technology homes in Agra. 

Major Green Home projects in Agra

  Rose Home Stay
A first class palatial homestay situated in the heart of the city amidst lush green surroundings and offering the beauty of nature was built as an independent home that welcomes tourists to enjoy every facility of a Green Home. Although there is still more to go before you can make this a perfect Green Home, mainly because it hs not achieved world-class standards yet.
The Agra Green Homes are developing in the form of apartments, commercial buildings, and even independent homes that are more often situated far from the commercial districts in Agra. With the heavy traffic of tourists visiting Agra every year, the hoteliers and resort owners are also gearing up to provide the tourists with facilities that allows them to enjoy the Green Home effect in Agra. There are upcoming Green Home projects in Agra initiated by real estate builders that abide by the Green Home building norms and are even prying to earn a Green Home rating certificate in Agra. The Green Homes in Agra are thus contributing largely to the real estate market.