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Green Homes in India

Green homes in India are a fast developing concept among the city people mainly. This is because the pollution, waste discharge in the waters, and the rise of carbon dioxide in the air is choking the city crowd. People are increasingly falling prey to the effects of the harmful ingredients in the air. Rising number of healthcare problems among the urban citizens is pushing the Green home concept in India.

‘Home Green Home’ is the talk of the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Other cities in India too are pacing up with the challenge to make their house greener and greener. The social and economic benefits of a green living are making the people conscious. The struggle is no more of the environmentalists alone who are have been battling for years to make the ‘Green Building in India’ a reality.



Green homes projects in India


Turning to nature is one of the most important respites for human beings when it comes to controlling waste of energy, reducing pollution, and maintaining a green atmosphere. There are several green house projects in India which are underway in the cities. The most recent one is in Hyderabad by the Satya Vani Group of Companies who have started one of the biggest green home townships in India.
The project is underway on the Warangal Highway in Andhra Pradesh. The entire township will be built along nature friendly guidelines such as making provisions for the use of solar power and using material that will emit the least amount of carbon dioxide into the air. There will be lot of greenery around and roof top gardens will adorn the complex.


Another noteworthy green building project is the Zed Homes; a housing complex on six acres of Varathur Road in Bangalore has new age apartments built by Biodiversity Conservation India Ltd (BCIL), presently Asia's largest green building company.


The Sea Line residential complex is a seven-storeyed building in Bandra, Mumbai where residents strictly adheres to using of solar heaters for water heating during winters. Ruling out energy crisis is the main intention of the residents here.



Initiatives for green homes in India


There are several initiatives being taken by the state government and local bodies of many districts to encourage the building of green homes in India. The Thane Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra has made it compulsory for buildings like hospitals, guest houses, hostels and the like to have solar heating facilities. New Delhi that often reels under power cuts often offers a rebate of Rs. 6,000 for every home that installs a solar water heater. Uttaranchal State Electricity Board has an allowance of Rs 50 per month as discount in the electricity tariffs to users of solar water heate