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Facility Management Services in Mumbai

The facility management services in Mumbai are rendered by the various facility management companies based in Mumbai. These companies are increasingly making it easier to achieve the objectives of good house keeping services in Mumbai, house maintenance, and waste management problems. You need not break your head anymore with the consultancies coming forward to manage your home the way you do and more with professional expertise.

The proper functioning of home appliances, electrical equipments, home security systems, water drainage systems and waste disposal recycling are all taken care of the facility management units even in corporate system. Many homes in urban Mumbai cannot simply depend on maid servants to do most of the household work. Even then getting a maid servant is also difficult. For a one stop solution to all your housing needs, the facility management service providers in Mumbai are of great help. You can take away more services than your payment.
Moreover, professional handling of household utilities brings in proper care and sanitation. Besides you might be lacking time to cater to these things though are trivial might be the cause of great trouble. Like the leaking water of your sealing, payment of electricity and telephone bills, repairing the garden wall, and fencing the trees. You might love the greenery around you but have no time to maintain them and anything that lacks maintenance is sure to survive the least.
 Services of facility management companies in Mumbai
There are several support services offered by these companies at an affordable rate to the customers. These companies have a range of services depending on the necessity of the house they are going to service at. The opinions of the clients are also taken into account.
The Housekeeping Services include-
Ø      Housekeeping
Ø      Waste management
Ø      Pest control
Ø      Gardening & landscaping and security
Ø      Facade cleaning
Ø      Pantry services
Ø      Electrical maintenance and DG operation
Ø      Plumbing maintenance
Ø      Carpentry and fire safety.
Ø      Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
Ø      Control room operations
Ø      Home security services
Ø      Payment of bills
Ø      Baby care
Ø      Rodent control
Ø      Lawn mowing
Ø      Gardening
Ø      Cleaning
Ø      Repairing of household appliances
Ø      Laundry services
Facility management in Mumbai is of two kinds- those for the middle-income group and those for the politicians, Bollwood models and stars. This is because a large disparity in lifestyle exists between these two sections of the society. There any particular company needs to understand the budget of the client that it is catering to.  Also, the high-rise buildings and other infrastructures require a great deal of skill and expertise for proper maintenance and they are much different from the independent houses. The developments in the real estate market in Mumbai is giving further impetus to the rise to a variety of facility management services in Mumbai which in return creates a large number of jobs.
Facility management companies in Mumbai
Ø      Neat Space
72, Ground Floor, F-Block,
Solaris Building, Sakivihar Road
Powai, Mumbai - 400 072
Ø      Peninsula Facility
1, Peninsula Spenta,
Mathuradas Mills,Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013