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Facility Management Services in Delhi


Delhi as a metropolitan city has been expanding both socially as well as economically at an accelerated pace. With different multinational companies foraying in the city, functional space is becoming evermore important in Facility Management of the city. At the same time, individuals nowadays are caught up in a rate race. The strife is between the professional targets and the personal commitments. Therefore, addressing household errands that look trivial but significant like lawning, security, plumbing and the like gets overlooked in the day to day process.
In the professional world too, the organizations and their respective managements prefer infrastructure that reflects global and international standards. Hence, all this factors had created a dearth that was required to be fulfilled by the facility management services. Owing to the need that is created in the personal and professional grounds, facility management services in Delhi has become profound in the recent years.
Facility Management presence in Delhi
Facility Management services in Delhi are provided by professionals who are specialized and technically alert, equipped, and are experts in Facility Management. Delhi has been witnessing an overall increase in the areas of townships, cinema theatre and multiplexes, condominiums, residential and commercial complexes, shopping centers and malls almost in every part of the city.
With this increase, the maintenance of the structures and the buildings become critical to maintain. Therefore, we see a vast prominence of the facility management professionals who can take accountability of both our residences and also other maintenance purposes.
Presently, there are several Facility Management companies in Delhi, who dedicate their services to the corporate organizations and huge residential houses. In the present day and age, Facility Management services in Delhi have become an integral part of both the professional and the personal field.
Facility Management Companies in Delhi
The Facility Management companies in Delhi are dedicated to offer the best of their services to their clientele. They are mostly equipped with the know-how and skilled professionals to carry out their daily mandate of facility management services
Some of the well acclaimed facility management companies of the city, known for their efficient management and service are:-
  • Aplomb Corporation
  • MJS Suraksha Sanstha Pvt Ltd.
  • Abhimax Facility Management
  • Varsed Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd
  • SSD Electro Mech Pvt Ltd
  • Engineered Facility Management Services
  • Service Max Facility Management Pvt Ltd
  • Team-I Security & Facility Services
  • Hemkunt Business Solutions
  • Korporate Komforts
Facility Management Services in Delhi
Facility Management companies in Delhi, provide to its customers and consumers the following set of services:-
  • Pest Control System
  • Home Cleaning
  • Building Management and Maintenance
  • Plumbing services
  • Garden Preservation
  • Garbage Removal
  • Waste disposal management
  • Landscape formatting and designing
  • Services pertaining to electrical and mechanical equipments
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Repairing of electric machineries
  • Household security and the like
Proper and efficient housekeeping is attained by maintaining the listed services above coherently and diligently. An individual cannot take all the responsibility of the diverse characteristics of facility management jobs. Therefore, it is on requirement today we ought to seek help from the facility management companies.
Delhi is a city of erudite individuals where people not only are well versed in books but also are tech savvy. In spite of the several tips that are given on magazines, papers, books and online resources, facility managers are of utmost importance with regards to their services.
Commercial houses and residential buildings seem to have made facility management almost an indispensable aspect of everyday operations. Their relevance with regards to the real estate is meant to improve in the days to come, as the housing, construction, and property trends in Delhi is developing everyday.
Future of Facility Management
The market for Facility Management in India seems to possess a high potential and is estimated to reach about USD 6 bn by the years 2012. Delhi nationally appears to be an important center for the same, owing the developments that are taking place in the commercial circle.
At the same time, the numbers of individuals residing in a dwelling, both are pre-occupied in order to earn high income are increasing. Hence, Facility Management services in Delhi, will allow their residents to ensure the protection of their house even when they are absent.