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Painting Companies.

Painting forms an important aspect of home decoration. Paints can render an immediate effect and impact in home decoration. Today, painting is no longer restricted to just a coating on the wall, but with the latest innovation and technologies at hand that the leading painting companies are now adopting, painting one’s house or office is more of an experience than a matter of fact. Hence, keeping this in mind an individual needs to weigh and assess the color and the various shades, a combination that is to be used in a particular room, and their suitability with the rooms and the overall flow.

The present trend in painting is not to have uniform shades in the household. Instead, each room will be known for its own palette of colors thereby depicting a different ambience, that complements the room, and also to a level the person who resides in the room. Nowadays, the renowned painting companies like Nerolac, Asian Paints, Berger and the like offers a host of options for color and shades for each room, thereby letting each room have its own personality.
Today people can paint their room to depict a story or to give expression to a thought or emotion. Similarly paints can also be used to add stripes or stencils on the wall, or to craft a mural in order to give the room a new look and feel altogether. One can try and create textures and also experiment with faux finishes. The painting companies provide all the relevant kits pertaining to the same so that a consumer can choose and select from the numerous options and finishes.
There are several decorative textures that a person can create in his/her room. With modern tools and technology, leading painting companies like Nerolac, Asian Paints, Deluxe, Berger provides the customer with various painting options. Some of them can be categorized as:-
  • Wall Stenciling
Wall Stenciling, happens to be a form of painting that involves the process of coloring a ceiling, wall or floor through the cutout points or areas of a template, that creates a design if its own whilst the process. When the stencil is removed, after the painting is finished the imprints or the patterns thus created remains; thereby giving the wall a different look and feel altogether. The patterns can be of any form an individual wishes to create for instance stars, animals, symbols, geometric shapes and figures, alphabet or flowers and leaves and the like. The process is an easy one, and it adds a character, texture and ambience to the concerned room. Also a benefit point is that a stencil can be used as many times as an individual desires to anywhere within the home.
  • Faux Painting
This process of painting involves in painting one particular object in such a way to resemble the other. With this form of painting the individual can create an illusion of any natural materials or elements for instance marble, wood, granite and so on.
  • Rubber Stamping
Market study shows that rubber stamping is one of the most preferred ways of the customers’ way to paint their rooms and decorate it too. The process is quick and simple, and gives one incredible results. One might be aware of the method of rubber stamping techniques that is often used to create greetings card or other intricate handmade gifts. Experts are of opinion that it would be helpful if an individual takes adequate lessons on this form, as it would be helpful in saving money later. Most of these effects in paintings are those achieved by using special brushes or rugs
Therefore, with the present day and age, being active and participating towards new forms of painting, the painting companies too upgrade themselves and brings fore its customers innovative and interesting methods of painting their accommodations or houses.