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Building Material Manufacturers in Mumbai

Natural as well as many man-made artificial things contribute to construction purpose. The building material manufacturers in Mumbai specialize in production of the man-made construction materials and processing of the natural ones. Some natural materials like sand and clay need not processing, they can be delivered directly in trucks and vans to the construction sites in bulk quantities. The man-made products like steel, iron rods, and plaster tiles is an established industry in India and there are large number of small and big business houses which are leading building material wholesalers in Mumbai. 

The type of natural building materials in Mumbai that are transported by these companies include-
The natural building material manufacturers in Mumbai are in equal demand along with those enterprises who sell out steel, iron rods, electrical appliances, and other construction products. 
The processed products supplied by the material manufacturers include-
Nickel bars
Composite cements
The cement manufacturers in Mumbai have a wide range of supply and production of every kind of cement slabs. The foundation cements are soft and liquid based, while the kitchen slabs will be of baked cement or rock slab plate. For sunshades also the cement used are slabs of plaster. 
Top building material manufacturers in Mumbai
Some companies have outpaced others in the real estate construction industry and it is mostly because of the quality of their products, cost of the materials, and transportation facilities available with the company. 
Hindustan Produce Company
The Hindustan Produce Company deals in exporting and supplying of construction bricks, fire bricks, industrial fire bricks, high alumina bricks, fire clay bricks, re-factories bricks, insulating bricks, ceramic bricks ,and durable fire bricks. They supply their products in far of places in Mumbai.
Contact: Headquarter
No. 7, Clyde Row, Hastings, Flat No. 6, 1st Floor, 
Kolkata - 700 022.
Anupam Metals
This building material manufacturer in Mumabi is one of the premier companies in export of all kinds of round bars that includes industrial round bars, aluminum round bars, stainless steel round bars, corrosion resistance round bars, and high tensile round bars.
24/1, 2nd Carpenter Street, Near Gulalwadi Circle,
Mumbai - 400 004.
Bluestar international 
Another leading building manufacturer in Mumbai, Bluestar is a supplier of construction materials, stainless steel construction materials, stainless steel building and construction materials, stainless steel angles, stainless steel beams, and stainless steel channels.
24, Sonarika Appt., 25-C, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400 004, 
 Mumbai - 400 004
Amco Metal
The company specializes in manufacturing, supplying building, and construction materials like buttweld fittings, threaded flanges, carbon alloy steel, carbon steel plates, carbon coils those assisting in construction works if not basic construction elements.
77, Amco House, Prabhu Shri Ram Mandir Marg,
 4th Kumbharwada, Near Moti Cinema, 
Mumbai - 400 004