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Building Material Manufacturers in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal. It is also among the largest metro cities in India. Since the post-independent era, Kolkata is continuously growing in terms of financial institutions, commercial activities, and infrastructure. In fact, the development in the real estate market provides every opportunity to the place to develop. If it would not have been the contribution of the real estate developers and the building material manufacturers in Kolkata, the city would not have been so luring to most. It is perfectly described as a ‘City of Joy’ for the connectivity to other places, good housing facilities, and the living standard that the people are able to enjoy. The real estate market in Kolkata is the fastest developing sector presently. The boom has been a contribution from the IT-ITES, BPO, Call centers, and other foreign firms based in the city. 

As stated above, the building material manufacturing units in Kolkata are also taking up this opportunity to contribute their best. This is one such resource without which the basic foundation of any structure around the city is absolutely impossible. The building material dealers in Kolkata work in close collaboration with the promoters, builders, and the state government. The suburban areas in Kolkata have several building material suppliers who mostly deal with raw ingredient like bricks, sand, granite, stines, marvels, and sand. Interesting, these companies are either located at the river banks or along the brick kilns. Many though have processing units that are located in the main cities along with their registered offices. 

Building material suppliers in Kolkata

There are many building material exporters in Kolkata. They are big firms who specialize in exporting their materials either inter-state or inter-country. This fetches them more revenue. These companies are also expanding rapidly. They also recruit many people to take forward the work of research, production, packaging, and finally supply. It is a wonderful chain that requires the coordination from various executives. Wherever, such manufacturers have gain holds, they have made construction work move faster. 
Choosing the type of builder material manufacturers in Kolkata to be put on work is the task of the promoter or the real estate company. They are ones who often issue tenders if it is for a government project. The suppliers quote the prices for the material supplied for construction including all pros and cons. 

Types of building material manufacturers in Kolkata

Raw material manufacturers
Blended material manufacturers
Steel, aluminum sheets, iron plates

Building material companies in Kolkata

There are many companies based in and around Kolkata that have great resources for supply and transporting of construction goods to various construction sites in Kolkata. Few such manufacturers have been listed below. 
Altek Cement Products Pvt Ltd
45, Rabindra Sarani, 2nd Floor, 
Room No - 05, (Nr Bada Masjid), 
Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata - 700073 
Rashmi Cement Ltd
Calcutta Gpo, Kolkata-700001
OCL India Ltd
Matsu Lime Company 
Bagbazar, Kolkata-700003
Visaka Ind Ltd
Anadi Group Industries
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064
Build Care Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Sarsuna, Kolkata-700061