Housing in India

Housing in India offers a complete solution encompassing all your housing needs including Real Estate, Property, Interiors, Home Loan, Financing Options, Home Insurance, Government Housing Boards and much more. India has grown by leaps and bounds and real estate is one area which has shown an upward trend. Affordable housing in India is the greatest challenge for the residents and this has given rise to real estate agents and property dealers. The country is developing rapidly in all sectors, this has led to better infrastructure that makes it ripe for investment.



Growth potential of India’s commercial real estate


The outsourcing of services by foreign firms has led to a significant growth in the IT sector thereby, increasing the need of office space, buildings, and terminals. If the forecasts about the real estate market in India are to be believed, we can see a minimum of 55 million square meter of premium office space to come up in few years.

The commercial shopping malls will bounce back with about 600 more retail outlets. The retail sales have been fore casted to touch a minimum of 10 per cent per annum. The only thing that needs to improve is the market transparency and the standards of property investments.

Real Estate and Property Prices in India: Outlook


The typical demographic setting of India particularly gets highlighted when we look into the trend over the years. A steep rise in population is a major reason for the increase in demand for residential units, affordable homes, and rental facilities. The country is second most populous one in the world and at this point the foremost interest is of Realtors is developing the infrastructural facilities of lodging to primary need of shelter for the population. Most of the economists across the world opine a sharp increase in the real estate and property prices in the coming years.


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